Circuit Board Repair Service

Our company provides specialized repair services for industrial and general-use circuit boards, with extensive experience in servicing industrial electronics and embedded systems.
We employ highly qualified personnel specialized in the repair and design of Power Electronics Boards, Electronic Instrumentation Boards, Robotics Boards and circuit boards fitted with microcontrollers and microprocessors.
We perform repairs on industrial electronic cards of any level of complexity using specialized equipment, quickly and efficiently. Our service center houses a sophisticated laboratory with high-tech equipment that enables us to reduce the time it takes to diagnose and repair problems in electronic boards.

Printed Circuit Reconstruction
Our company is able to recreate and redesign the PCBs of equipment that has suffered some type of electrical accident, causing irreversible damage to them.
In this way we can reduce the economic impact on your company, should it fall victim to obsolescence or any of these incidents, decreasing the high costs associated with unplanned automation, as well as with extended downtime for corrective maintenance.